Destination ROI: The Path to Success in Population Health

Identify the “right” patients. Engage them in care management. Intervene to improve their health.

These steps for population health success sound straightforward enough. Yet, as many organizations who have made significant investment in population health have discovered, it’s easy to fall off course. Incorrectly target patients and your program could squander its limited care management resources.

Enter the first step in the journey to population health success: Identify patients who are most likely to have a specific future avoidable event. Once identified, engage them using an analytically driven, patient-centered approach. And finally, implement and optimize evidence-based interventions to support these patients.

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Health care organizations must successfully execute on each of these steps to maximize ROI. Dive deeper into how to implement best practices into your population health program with our white paper, “Why Do Population Health Results Vary? An Introduction to Impactability”


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